Steele Model Agency: Your Gateway to Success in the Modelling Industry

Steele Model Agency is the brainchild of Adél and Mardo van Heerden, two passionate individuals who bring their vast experience and knowledge in photography and business to the modelling industry. The agency boasts a team of highly talented models who are marketed properly and given ample opportunities to showcase their skills in various media platforms, such as television commercials, advertising stills, fashion editorials, fashion shows, and hair shows.

The agency’s commitment to providing personalized attention to every model and client has helped them build an impressive portfolio of clients, including renowned brands such as NIKE, Edgars, Jet, Men’s Health, Milady’s, Goldwell International, Wimpy, SABC, Spar, Nokia International, Donna Clair, JEEP, Coca Cola, Suzuki, and Colgate, to name a few. With their professionalism and quality of work, Steele Model Agency has earned a reputation for being one of the most reliable and sought-after model agencies in the industry.

Their business model is designed to provide ample opportunities for models and clients to collaborate and work together on various projects. Each model is given the attention ad support needed to succeed in the industry. Steele Model Agency has a track record of producing high-profile models who are in demand not only in the local market but also internationally..

At Steele Model Agency, their casting process and client projects are given the highest level of attention to ensure that they meet the expectations of their clients. The agency believes that every project is unique, and they work closely with their clients to achieve their desired results. With management’s commitment to excellence and professionalism, Steele Model Agency is the perfect partner for anyone looking to make a mark in the modelling industry.

In conclusion, Steele Model Agency is a top-tier modelling agency that provides a gateway to success for aspiring models. Their commitment to excellence, professionalism, and personalized attention has helped them earn a reputation as one of the best in the industry. With their impressive portfolio of clients and high-profile models, Steele Model Agency is the perfect partner for anyone looking to make it big in the modelling industry.

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