Becoming a Model

Should you be interested in submitting your application be sure to read through our FAQ’s page as it contains complete information on the Agency requirements. Once your application has been received, our agents will assess your profile. Should the Agents want to meet with you, an assessment appointment will be scheduled with you where we will carefully explain our agency procedures and discuss job opportunities. 

Please note: If you do not receive a reply from us in 14 working days, unfortunately this means that your application has been rejected.


Attaching your photos

Navigate to the photos that you want to submit and select the images. Please insure that your photos are less than 2M in size.

Your photos do not need to be professionally done and a camera phone will do just fine. Photos need to be in full colour with no re-touching or filters.

Please avoid sunglasses or hats and stick to well fitted clothing.

Please take special care in submitting your measurements especially your height as part of your application.

Should you have any difficulty submitting your application from this page, please send the relevant information as listed in the application form together with your images to


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