Modelling Agency Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Are there any specific requirements for modelling ?

A.  The requirements for models differ for each division. The various divisions are as follows:



In both the kids & teens division clients require:

  • Very strong facial features
  • Good teeth, we do not mind if a child is shedding their primary teeth and has a tooth out for a while.  We also do not mind working with teens while they have braces.
  • Good body condition


KIDS (Infants – 10 years) & Pre–Teens (11 – 12 years):  we are looking for natural beauty rather than height.  Clients will work with kids fitting into their required clothing sizes for specific campaigns regardless of the child's age or height.


TEENS  (13 – 17 years): again natural beauty is important.  We will be looking at the projected height of the model.  The older the person the taller he/she should be.

  • Girls:  Should the model be between 1.65m and 1.7m tall we know that her chances of reaching an estimated height of between 1.70m and 1.77m by the age of 18 are quite possible.
  • Boys:  Should the model be between 1.65m and 1.78m tall we know that there is a good possibility for him to reach an estimated height of between 1.80m and 1.85m by the time he is fully grown.



There are three types of models that we work with:


  • Good facial features
  • Great teeth, no gold fillings
  • Good body shape / condition
  • Height requirements
  • Female Models: as per client specifications but usually not less than 1,68m tall
  • Male Models: as per client specifications but usually not less than 1,80m tall


FASHION MODELS (Print / Runway)

  • Very good facial features
  • Great teeth, no gold fillings
  • Great body shape / condition
  • Female Models: clothing size 32 and a maximum hip measurement of 92cm (measured 20cm below the navel)
  • Male Models: pants size 32
    • Height requirements
  • Female Models: minimum of 1,73m for print work and 1,75m for runway
  • Male Models: minimum of 1,83m for print work and 1,84m for runway
    • As a runway model you need to have a strong walk


FULL FIGURE /PLUS SIZE MODELS (Female models only)

Full figure models are models that have a large bone structure but she is not overweight.  She should have:

  • Very good facial features, no double chin – skinny jaw- & neckline
  • Great teeth, no gold fillings
  • Good body shape, still the hour-glass shape but fitting into a size 38 / 40 / 42
  • Height requirements of a minimum of 1,73m tall

Q. Why do clients have height and size requirements?

A. Firstly, clients work with sample sizes. Sample sizes are usually a size 32.  Secondly, upon booking models they look at the style of clothing that will be photographed. The models need to fit into the sample sizes and their body type should be suitable for the styles they will be wearing.

Q. Is there an age restriction for models?

A. There are clients who book infants, toddlers, kids, teens, adults and mature models for their campaigns. This all depends on the target market they are trying to reach. As a commercial model, depending on how well you take care of yourself, both men and woman can work well into their 40’s. As a fashion model clients prefer to book girls between the ages of 15 and 25 and guys between 19 and 30.

Q. Are there good opportunities in SA?

A. SA is a very small industry in comparison to the UK and the USA but it is still a great industry to start off in.  You can choose between a part-time and full-time career.  Most jobs are booked in Cape Town, Gauteng and Durban.

Q. Where do I start when I would like to compile a portfolio?

A. Your photos are your first impression with clients and if you take your modeling career seriously it has to be professionally done. Once you have been accepted by the agency we will assist in compiling your portfolio and getting your marketing packages activated.

Q. What are the costs involved?

A. Steele Model Studio has two operating divisions, one would be the academy and the other is the agency. If a model has no previous background the academy would be the recommended place to start as they assist with grooming models looking at furthering their career. This program is one of our strong key points and has given numerous new faces from Steele Models the opportunity to work locally as well as internationally as professional models. A co-contribution between the Agency & model will cover this cost should you partake in the programme and these cost are minimal. Test-/Portfolio Shoot expenditures are normally covered by the model and that would be the same with most agencies. The agency does however contribute proportionally to these shoot expenses as well.

The agency does not charge management fees and work strictly on commission and booking fees. It is definitely not the norm for model agencies to charge monthly management fees so beware of scams. Model agencies earn commission on jobs that a model has been booked and paid for and that is exactly the structure that our agency operates within.

Q. Education & Coaching

A. Even though some models are born with the natural ability there are some that do not have this natural ability to model.  Through coaching this skill can be achieved.  Coaching could be beneficial for models that have not done any modeling before and want to gain a better understanding of the industry.  Kids, teens and young adults benefit greatly from coaching as it boosts their confidence in auditions and jobs.  Gaining the understanding to how clients work and what their preferences or dislikes are will automatically give the new model an advantage at the audition.  This will add value because the model will feel much more comfortable at the audition or booking.

Q. How do I apply to this Agency?

A.  Should you wish to apply to our agency you are welcome to select the “become a model” button and follow the instructions on the page to submit your application. Once the application has been received our agents will assess your look and see how they can assist you with marketing.  Should they feel that your current look is marketable in the industry, they will contact you to schedule an appointment to come and meet with them. We will then explain all procedures and show you how our marketing structure work.