About Us

About Steele Model Studio - Modelling Agency in Pretoria

The agency was co-founded by Adél and Mardo van Heerden, photographer and booker of Steele Model Studio who also brings a wealth of business knowledge and experience to the business.

This dynamic duo ensure that their models are properly marketed and gaining opportunities in television commercials, advertising stills, fashion editorials, fashion shows and hair shows. Some of the models have already reached high profiles in the local modelling industry and some are already in demand for the international market.

The agency have featured models with respected industry clients the likes of NIKE, Edgars, Jet, Men’s Health, Milady’s, Goldwell International, Wimpy, SABC, Spar, Nokia International, Donna Clair, JEEP, Coca Cola, Suzuki and Colgate to name but a few. The business model that the agency follow provide each model and client with personal attention and plenty of opportunities to meet through combined projects.

Steele Model Studio has always been known for the quality and professionalism of their models and client projects and castings always get the highest level of attention.